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For the Shichihonyari Lovers

Mixed Case

For the Shichihonyari Lovers
For the Shichihonyari Lovers
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Those who like to take an adventure for Shichihonyari!

Shichihonyari 七本槍 (Seven Spearsmen)

Shichihonyari brewery was founded in 1534 in Shiga Prefecture and is one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan. Using local water and rice, Shichihonyari have been making terroir focused sake that reflect the history, people and culture of the local area. Yasunobu Tomita is the 15th generation and believes in preserving time honored traditions, while also creating a new era of sake that pushes boundaries.


  • Junmai Daiginjo Wataribune No.6 – Brewed with local Wataribune rice polished down to 50%. Mild texture, rich and fruity with rounded acidity, The rice “Shiga Wataribune No.6” was initially grown in Shiga back in 1895 but it almost disappeared from production as farmers chose to grow less difficult rice strains. However, it successfully made a comeback in 2001. One of the rarest sake rice varieties in Japan.
  • Junmai Ginjo Ginfubuki A bright and clean sake brewed with Ginfubuki rice, a cross between the varieties Yamadanishiki and Tamasakae. Herbal and nutty on the nose with crisp finish.
  • Junmai Teiseihaku Tamasakae - This sake is brewed with local Tamasakae rice polished down to 80%. Teiseihaku means low polished rice, keeping the flavours and nutrients alive. Bright, complex, layered and incredibly sophisticated, the sake is full of richness and elegant umami.


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Mixed Cases!

Mixed Cases

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